Woodworm Treatment

Efficient woodworm treatment
in Leicestershire

Keep your woodwork free of woodworm with the help of Ace Damp Proofing in Leicestershire.
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Prevention and treatment by experts

Have you noticed tiny holes in your wooden furniture or wooden structures? Then you could have a woodworm infestation. Wood-boring insects that get into the wooden structures of the property and feed on them are known as woodworm. If the infestation is not treated in time, it can seriously weaken and damage the structure of your property. Don’t worry, rely on the experts at Ace Damp Proofing to treat and prevent woodworm infestations. We cater to all of Loughborough in Leicestershire and the surrounding areas.

Signs of infestation

  • Crumbly wooden board edges
  • Small holes in your woodwork
  • Fine and powdery dust around the holes
  • Finding adult beetles around the house
  • In extreme cases - weak and damaged flooring 
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