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At Ace Damp Proofing, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. All our lining services are guaranteed. 
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Ace Damp Proofing is based in Loughborough, Leicestershire and has many years’ experience of damp-proofing and lining building structures. Traditional lift pit liners are expensive, time-consuming to install and often do not last a long time. Recently we have identified a need for an alternative for lift pit protection and designed a ready-made tank that provides a neat and reliable barrier that doesn’t cost a lot. 
At Ace Damp Proofing, we make high-density polyethylene tanks to any desired size. The use of high-density polyethylene results in a lightweight and less expensive alternative to the glass fibre reinforced polymer lift pit liners.

Advantages of our lift pit liners

  • Fast turnaround and quick installation – 7 days from order
  • Reduced labour – cost effective
  • Does not degrade when exposed to chemicals or extreme temperatures
  • Hot air welded joints
  • Free of charge traditional tanking provided in the unlikely event of product failure
  • Special sizes to order
  • Guaranteed waterproof for a period of 30 years
For cost effective damp-proofing, dry and wet rot management, pit liners that reduce labour and basement conversions, get in touch with our friendly team.
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For lift pit liners in Leicestershire, call Ace Damp Roofing on 
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