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Wet and dry rot treatment

Do you need specialist help to get rid of wet and dry rot in your property? Contact us at Ace Damp Proofing, we cater to customers in Leicestershire and the surrounding areas.
Woodworm treatment

Working on both kinds of rot

Identifying wet and dry rot is essential in treating them effectively. At Ace Damp Proofing, we are specialists in rot identification. It is important to create a plan of attack that is devised to remove the conditions in which the rot develops and spreads. Our experts are trained to identify the source of the problem and will eliminate it from its source.

Symptoms of wet and dry rot

Dry rot:
  • White woolly and fluffy strands
  • Timber shrinkage and cracking 
  • Beige coloured mushrooms appear
  • Red dust around the affected area
  • Strong musty and earthy smells
Wet rot:
  • Musty smell
  • Possible fungal growth
  • Discolouration and softness of timber
  • Timber splitting and fine cracks
Prolong the life of your property’s woodwork with our exceptional rot treatments, woodworm treatments and damp-proofing. Get in touch with us today!
wet rot
Treat wet and dry rot and save your masonry. Call us at Ace Damp Proofing in Leicestershire on 07768 750 200 or 0116 230 1030

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